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L112 Absorbital


A natural fiber fats binding, main ingredient is L112 BIOPOLYMER, a natural source and clinically proven to help you lose or maintain weight when used in conjunction with a sensible diet and healthy lifestyle. The naturally sourced fiber that L112 ABSORBITAL contains, binding fats from that consumed, it is not digestible and excreted naturally

L112 Absorbital


Reduce calorie intake from dietary fats

Help reduce excess weight and long-term weight control

Lower LDL cholesterol levels, Reduce triglycerides fat

Suitable for patients with diabetes.

Suitable for people of all ages between 3-80 years.

Suitable for taking long-term and continuous as part of a healthy food.

Binding fats from food consumed is not digestible and excreted

To binding triglycerides fat and excrete

Reduce cholesterol LDL by binding bile acids and prevent the absorption of bile acids back into the bloodstream. Will make the process of oxidation (fat breakdown) of cholesterol to bile acids will increase beta lipoprotein or low density lipoprotein (LDL) in plasma decreased. Resulting in decreased levels of serum cholesterol.

L112 ABSORBITAL Weight Management Tablets reduce calorie intake from dietary fats. The active ingredient in L112 ABSORBITAL is the fiber Poly N-acetyl-Glucosamine and D-Glucosamine specification L112, with an extremely high fat-binding capacity. It is of natural origin and can bind large quantities of nutritional fats in the digestive tract. The active ingredient of L112 ABSORBITAL is not digestible and is excreted naturally, together with the bound fats, significantly reducing the calories your body can process from the food you have eaten. Furthermore, the indigestible and expanded fiber materials of L112 ABSORBITAL induce a feeling of being full. L112 ABSORBITAL can only affect weight loss if excess weight is caused by high-fat food such as fatty meat, sausages, butter, crisps, nuts and ice cream. Other nutrients such as sugar, carbohydrates, protein or alcohol are not bound by L112 ABSORBITAL; they are completely available for use in the body.

Suitable for health without any side effect (1) does not absorbed into the blood stream (2)does not affect the physiology of the functions of liver and kidney(3) not harm the intestines, while in the gastrointestinal tract (4) has no effect impact on the metabolism.