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R&D and Quality Assurance

In-house lab for some part of a quality controls

ASH,  Moisture, Soluble / insoluble, pH, Viscosity  by Brookfield viscometer, Particle size, Bulk and tapped density

Microbiologial (Aerobic Plate count, Yeast & Mold, E. coli & Coliform,Staphylococcus aureus  and Listeria spp.)

Outsourcing labs for some part of a quality controls

%DD (Degree of Deacetylation), MW (Melwcular Weight)

Microbiologial (Arsenic, Lead,Cadmium,Mercury,Salmonella spp. and Pseudomonas)

Other (Melamine and Benzo(a)pyrene)

CHITOSAN L112 BIOPOLYMER Research and Development
CHITOSAN spec L112 Research and Development
Quality of fish scale OSSEIN
Quality of CHITOSAN products